Coach Flex says: First off our objective is to take Jorge Viera through an in depth assessment and questionnaire to get a proper baseline of where he is starting.

We want to get to know everything about him from various perspectives: injury history, aches and pains exercise history, nutrition, sleep, regeneration strategies. Once I have a clear view of his lifestyle we move on to analyze his movement across all joints dynamically and statically through some basic movement patterns and table testing.

My main objective here is to check for any red flags to make sure I don’t give him an exercise that is going to put him in any danger. Safety is number one. We want to make sure we are setting him up for success.

And finally I want to get a glimpse in to his cardio capacity aerobic and anaerobic and get a baseline on how he uses oxygen and movement efficiency.

With all of this information now I am equipped to create a customized program that will not only help him lose weight and look better but he will move and feel like s million bucks.

Just in 2 session Jorge has already communicated that he feels a dramatic difference in his energy and movement. He was unable to touch his toes for years and in a few movements I showed him how.